Have We Made an Idol Out of Sexual Purity?

One of the most well spoken things I’ve read in a while.

But she found herself feeling confused. The same people that preached grace and God’s forgiveness seemed to continuously remind her of her dark past.” 

Thursday Jul 7 @ 01:13am
Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:44am

Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport in NY

Rihanna arriving at JFK Airport in NY

Wednesday Jul 7 @ 01:35am
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 01:55am
Tuesday Jul 7 @ 01:54am

One day I’ll look back and see that all the struggles, the heartache, the pain, tears, loss, and misunderstanding was His intention from the beginning. 

"It’ll be one big beautiful picture, I just have to wait and see what’s being painted."

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 12:30am
Monday Jul 7 @ 01:26pm
This is where we learn and we grow. Monday Jul 7 @ 01:26pm


MANGO Summer 2014 Lookbook

Monday Jul 7 @ 01:15am

Casual Tuesdayvia lucitisima


Casual Tuesday
via lucitisima

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Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:37pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:36pm
Thursday Jul 7 @ 05:33pm
Tuesdaze #ootd #peepdaclavicle

Tuesdaze #ootd #peepdaclavicle

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 04:26pm

Silence is not a comfort in ignorance, rather it is a result of fear and anxiety. 

Monday Jul 7 @ 01:22am
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